Gulbarga University, Kalaburagi

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Vidyeye Amrutha

Translates as "Education is Nector"



Department Of P.G. Studies And Research In Zoology


Courses Offered

Course Intake Duration Eligibility
M.Sc. 30 + 30 Four Semester B.Sc with minimum 50% and Zoology as one of the combination
M.Phil. 02 One Year (Full time)
Two Years (Part time)
55% in M.Sc. Zoology
Ph.D. Eight students per recognized guide Minimum 3 years
Maximum 5 years
55% in M.Sc. Zoology


Fee Structure: (See Fee Notification)


Course Outline (M.Sc.)

I Semester II Semester
1.1: HC: Animal Systematics 2.1: HC: Biology of Chordates
1.2: HC: Biology of Non-Chordates 2.2: HC: Developmental Biology
1.3: HC: Molecular Cell Biology 2.3: SC: Molecular Genetics
Or Wildlife Biology Conservation
1.4: SC: Computer Applications and
Methods in Biology Or Aquatic Biology
2.4: OE: Human Physiology
1.5: HCP: Practical based on 1.1 2.5: HCP: Practical based on 2.1
1.6: HCP: Practical based on 1.2 2.6: HCP: Practical based on 2.2
1.8: SCP: Practical based on 1.4 2.7: SCP: Practical based on 2.3
  2.8: OEP: Practical based on 2.4
III Semester IV Semester
3.1: HC: Biology of Reproduction 4.1: HC: Evolutionary Biology
3.2: HC: Environmental Biology 4.2: HC: Animal Physiology
3.3: SC: Biodiversity Or Animal Behavior 4.3: HC: Project
3.4: OE: Applied Zoology 4.4: SC: Endocrinology or  Parasitology
3.5: HCP: Practical based on 3.1 4.5: HCP: Practical based on 4.1
3.6: HCP: Practical based on 3.2 4.6: HCP: Practical based on 4.2
3.7: SCP: Practical based on 3.3 4.7: HCP:  Presentation, Colloquium & Viva
3.8: OEP: Practical based on 3.4 4.8: HC: Practical based on 4.4



S. No. Name / Phone No. / E-mail Designation Qualification Specialization
1 Dr. K. Vijaykumar
+91 9480060508 (Cell)
Professor & Chairman M.Sc., Ph.D. Environmental Biology
2 Mr. Murli Jadesh
+91 8472 221606  (R)
+91 8970831606 (Cell)
Assistant Professor  M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D. Biological control of Pests


Thrust Area

Limnology, Water quality Assessment, Biological control of Pests.


Research Projects

1 DST, UGC, MOEF, CSIR, ICAR, ICMR & GOVERNMENT OF KARNATAKA. (Totaling up to about 75 lakhs.)

Research Guidance:

1.Ph.D.: 65

2.M.Phil.: 48

Workshop/Seminars/Conferences organized:
1 ISCAP National Symposium on Animal Physiology. Nov, 1985 
2 3rd SAARC School in Chronobiology, 2004 
3 Symposium on Recent trends in Environmental Biology and Biotechnological approach to conserve Biodiversity, 2005.
4 Workshop on alternative to use of animals in life science education for Zoology teachers, July, 11th, 2011.
5 National symposium on biodiversity and Environment 3-5th November, 2011
6 Karnataka State Science & Technology, Bangalore training programme Nov, 2012
7 Workshop on alternative to use of animals in life science education for Zoology teachers, March, 10th,  2016.

Facilities Available

Endocrinology, Limnology & Water Quality Assessment, Biological Control of Pest & Vermi-technology