Gulbarga University, Kalaburagi

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Vidyeye Amrutha

Translates as "Education is Nector"



Department Of P.G. Studies And Research In Chemistry

Department Of P.G. Studies And Research In Chemistry

Courses Offered

M.Sc. 40 + 12 (SSS) Four Semesters (2 Years) B.Sc. with Chemistry as one of the subject
M.Phil. Each Guide - 1 One year (Full time) 
Two years (Part time)
Ph.D. Six candidates per recognized guide Minimum 3 years 
Maximum 5 years
M.Sc. / M.Phil


Fee Structure: (See Fee Notification)


Course Outline (M.Sc.)

I SemesterII Semester
HCT 1.1 Inorganic Chemistry - I HCT 2.1 Inorganic Chemistry - II
HCT 1.2 Organic Chemistry - I HCT 2.2 Organic Chemistry - II
HCT 1.3 Physical Chemistry - I    
  Soft-Core (Any One)   Soft Core (Any One)
SCT 1.1 Analytical Chemistry-I SCT 2.1 Analytical Chemistry-II
SCT 1.2 Pharmaceutical Chemistry SCT 2.2 Applied Physical Chemistry-II
  Practical   Open Elective (Any One) 
HCP 1.1 Inorganic Chemistry Practical –I OET2.1 Essential of Analytical Chemistry
HCP 1.2 Organic Chemistry Practical –I OET2.2 Essential of Physical Chemistry
HCP 1.3 Physical Chemistry Practical-I   Practical
  Soft-Core (Any One) HCP2.1 Inorganic Chemistry Practical –II
SCP 1.1 Analytical Chemistry Practical –I HCP2.2 Organic Chemistry Practical –II 
SCP 1.2 Pharmaceutical Chemistry Practical   Soft Core (Any One) 
    SCP2.1 Analytical Chemistry Practical-II
    SCP2.1 Applied Physical Chemistry Practical -II 
III SemesterIV Semester
HCT 3.1 Organic Chemistry-III (Spectroscopy) HCT 4.1 Inorganic Chemistry - IV
HCT 3.2 Physical Chemistry-III HCT 4.2 Physical Chemistry-IV
  Soft-Core (Any One)   Soft Core (Any One)
SCT 3.1 Analytical Chemistry-III SCT 4.1 Analytical Chemistry-IV
SCT 3.2 Inorganic Chemistry-III SCT 4.2 Special Topics in Org. Chem.
  Open Elective (Any One)   Practical
OET3.1 Essential of Inorganic Chemistry HCP 4.1 Inorganic Chemistry Practical- IV
OET3.2 Essential of Organic  Chemistry HCP 4.2 Physical Chemistry Practical–IV
  Practical   Soft Core (Any One)
HCP 3.1 Organic Chemistry Practical –III SCP 4.1 Analytical Chemistry Practical-IV
HCP 3.2 Physical Chemistry Practical-III SCP 4.2 Organic Chemistry Practical -IV
  Soft-Core (Any One) HCMP 4.3 Major Project
SCP 3.1 Analytical Chemistry Practical-III    
SCP 3.2 Applied Inorganic Chemistry Practical–II    



S. No.Name / Phone No. / E-mailDesignationQualificationSpecialization
1 Dr. A. Venkataraman
+91 8472 245995 (R) 
+91 9880801017 (Cell)
Professor M.Sc., Ph.D. Materials Chemistry, Ceramics, Polymer Composites, Nano - Bioscience
2 Dr. B.H.M. Mruthyunjaya Swamy
+91 8472 246412 (R) 
+91 9448830318 (Cell)
Professor M.Sc., Ph.D. Organic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Analysis
3 Dr. N.M. Goudgaon
+91 8472 245314 (R) 
+91 9342350448 (Cell)
Professor M.Sc., Ph.D. Organic Chemistry
4 Dr. M.B. Halli
+91 8472 245193 (R) 
+91 9449184944 (Cell)
Professor MSc., Ph.D. Physical Chemistry, Solution Chemistry, Coordination Chemistry
5 Dr. K. Siddappa 
+91 8472 249276 (R) 
+91 9845644075 (Cell)
Professor & Chairman M.Sc., Ph.D. Analytical Chemistry, Coordination Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Analysis
6 Dr. A.R. Saundane 
+91 8472 247018 (R) 
+91 9480272325 (Cell)
Professor M.Sc., Ph.D. Organic Chemistry


Thrust Area

Natural Products, Hetro Cyclic Chemistry, Non-linear dynamics, Ploymers, Drug Design and Development, Materials Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry, Solution Chemistry, Analysis of Foods and Medicines etc.


Research Projects

On going
S. No.Title of the ProjectName of the Principle InvestigatorFunding AgencyDurationAmount sanctioned in Lakhs
1 Evaluation of Medicinal Plants in Gulbarga - Against Skin Diseases Dr. M.G. Purohit Stifel Lab, UK 2001 - 2008 12.50
S. No.Title of the ProjectName of the Principle InvestigatorFunding AgencyDurationAmount sanctioned in Lakhs
1 Study of Chemical Chaos Dr. V.R. Kulkarni UGC 2004 - 2007 04.59
2 Synthesis and Characterization of Biologically active coordination compounds with Benzofuran derivatives Dr. M.B. Halli UGC 2001 - 2005 02.18
3 Antifertility Activity of Medicinal Plants Dr. M.G. Purohit ACWU 2004 - 2005 00.10


Research Publications / Books

1. International
2. National
3. Any others
4. Books


Research Guidance

1. Ph.D. - 106
2. M.Phil. - 160


Workshops / Seminars / Conferences Organized



Facilities Available

FTIR spectrometer & UV visible spectrophotometer under DST-FIST projects.


New Collaborative Research Programme

1. Had a MOU with Sundarland University for the last 25 years UK, and council exchange programme and MOU with Stifel Laboratory, UK