Gulbarga University, Kalaburagi

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Vidyeye Amrutha

Translates as "Education is Nector"



Department Of P.G. Studies And Research In BioTechnology

Department Of P.G. Studies And Research In BioTechnology 

Courses Offered

M.Sc. 20 + 07 (DBT) + 15 (SSS) Four Semesters (2 Years) B.Sc., Chemistry as one option with any two life science subjects
M.Phil. 01 full time and 
01 part time per guide
One year (Full time) 
Two years (Part time)
M.Sc., Biotechnology
Ph.D. Six candidates per recognized guide Minimum 3 years 
Maximum 5 years
M.Sc., Biotechnology


Fee Structure: (See Fee Notification)


Course Outline (M.Sc.)

I SemesterII Semester
1.1 Cell Biology 2.1 Microbiology
1.2 Bioinformatics and Computer Applications 2.2 Immunology
1.3 Biochemistry 2.3 Molecular Genetics
1.4 Biophysical and Biochemical Techniques 2.4 Enzymology and Metabolism
Pr 1.5 Based on Paper 1.1 and 1.2 Pr 2.5 Based on Paper 2.1 and 2.2
Pr 1.6 Based on Paper 1.3 and 1.4 Pr 2.6 Based on Paper 2.3 and 2.4
III SemesterIV Semester
3.1 Genetic Engineering 4.1 Plant Biotechnology
3.2 Microbial Biotechnology 4.2 Environmental Biotechnology
3.3 Animal Biotechnology 4.3 Bioprocess Engineering
3.4 Immunotechnology 4.4 Project
Pr 3.5 Based on Paper 3.1 and 3.2 Pr 4.5 Based on Paper 4.1
Pr 3.6 Based on Paper 3.3 and 3.4 Pr 4.6 Based on Paper 4.2 and 4.3



S. No.Name / Phone No. / E-mailDesignationQualificationSpecialization
1 Dr. G.R. Naik 
+91 8472 245337 (R) 
+91 9341292638 (Cell)
Professor & Chairman M.Sc., Ph.D. Plant Biotechnology
2 Dr. Ramesh Londonkar
+91 8472 251611 (R) 
+91 9880416391 (Cell)
Asso.Prof M.Sc., Ph.D. Animal Biotechnology
3 Dr. Kelmani Chandrakanth R 
+91 8472 247020 (R) 
+91 9449439340 (Cell)
Asso.Prof M.Sc., Ph.D. Medical Microbiology
4 Dr. M.B. Sulochana
+91 8472 247635 (R) 
+91 9449618676 (Cell)
Asso.Prof M.Sc., Ph.D. Microbial Biotechnology


Thrust Area

Plant Biotechnology, Animal Biotechnology, Medical Microbiology, Microbial Biotechnology


Research Projects

On going
S. No.Title of the ProjectName of the Principle InvestigatorFunding AgencyDurationAmount sanctioned in Lakhs
1 Molecular cloning, Sequencing and Over expression of alkaline protease and cellulase free xylanase from thermo alkalophlic Bacillus sp. JB-99 Prof. G.R. Naik CSIR 2007 - 2010 18.00
2 Co-ordinator, M.Sc.,Teaching programme in Biotechnology, Department of Biotechnology project Prof. G. R. Naik DBT, Govt. of India 1995 - till date 21.00
S. No.Title of the ProjectName of the Principle InvestigatorFunding AgencyDurationAmount sanctioned in Lakhs
1 "Pilot scale production of alkaline protease and cellulase free xylanase from Bacillus sp. JB-99" (in progress) Prof. G. R. Naik DBT, Govt. of India 
3 years 18.00


Research Publications / Books

1. International - 51
2. National - 71
3. Any others -
4. Books - 14


Research Guidance

1. Ph.D. - 22
2. M.Phil. - 27


Workshops / Seminars / Conferences Organized

1. VII All India Conference on Cytology and Genetics and Symposium on Molecular Genetics & Biotechnology, funded by Society of Cytologists & Geneticists, India, October 26-28, 1998
2. 2nd National Conference on Biotechnology in Rural and Industrial Development NCBIRD - 2008, January 17 -19, 2008
3. One day awareness programme on Biodiversity related issues and people biodiversity register


Facilities Available

Plant Tissue Culture Laboratory, Medical microbiology Laboratory, Genetic Engineering Laboratory, Animal Biotechnology Laboratory


New Collaborative Research Programme

1 The Dept of Biotechnology of Gulbarga University is the First Dept. has received funding from DBT Government of India, for strengthening M.Sc., Teaching Programme, and Students will be selected on the basis of JNU entrance examinations
2 The department has a collaboration research programme for screening of GSBT sugarcane lines with University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad and Sugarcane Breeding Institute, Coimbatore
3 A new programme under TMBT-DBT prosperous for Tailor made biotechnology ("Studies on Tailor making the Traditional Technology of Herbal Treatment for Diabetic Disorder") has been short listed for funding by Govt. of India with collaboration with Center for Tailoring Biotechnologies and Genomics (CTBG) Wageningen University, Netherlands
4 The Department has linkages with industries like Novozymes, Bangalore; Biocon Ltd., Bangalore and Sreeven Pharma, Bidar
5 The department has established collaborative Research with NIMHANS Bangalore, for the "Bacteriophage therapy for multi drug resistant bacterial infection in diabetic rat model" also has collaborative work with Gangagen Biotechnologies Ltd., Bangalore, for Phage isolation