Gulbarga University, Kalaburagi

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Vidyeye Amrutha

Translates as "Education is Nector"


Applied Electronics


Department Of P.G. Studies And Research In Applied Electronics

Courses Offered

M.Sc. 16+12 SSS Four Semesters (2 Years) B.Sc. with Electronics, Maths, Physics/Computer Science/Industrial Technology
M.Phil. 01 full time and
01 part time per guide
One year (Full time)
Two years (Part time)
55% in M.Sc. Applied Electronics
Ph.D. Six candidates per recognized guide Minimum 3 years
Maximum 5 years
55% in M.Sc. Applied Electronics or M.Phil.
PG Dip. in TV Technology Six One year B.Sc.


Fee Structure: (See Fee Notification)


Course Outline (M.Sc.)

I SemesterII Semester
HCT 1.1 Semiconductor and Microwave Device HCT 2.1 Computer Fundamentals and C Programming
HCT 1.2 Electronic Instrumentation HCT 2.2 8086 Microprocessor and Interfacing
HCT 1.3 Electromagnetics and Antennas    
  Soft Core (Any One)   Soft Core (Any One)
SCT 1.1 Digital Electronics and 8085 Microprocessor SCT 2.1 Fiber Optic Communication
SCT 1.2 Numerical Analysis SCT 2.2 Analog Control System Design
  Practical   Open Elective (Any One)
HCP 1.1 Practical HCP 1.1 OET 2.1 Fundamentals of Electronics
HCP 1.2 Practical HCP 1.2 OET 2.2 Basic Electronics
HCP 1.3 Practical HCP 1.3    
  Soft Core (Any One)   Practical
SCP 1.1 Practical SCP 1.1 HCP 2.1 Practical HCP 2.1
SCP 1.2 Practical SCP 1.1 HCP 2.1 Practical HCP 2.2
    SCP 2.1 Practical SCP 2.1
    SCP 2.2 Practical SCP 2.2
III SemesterIV Semester
HCT 3.1 Networks and Systems HCT 4.1 Microcontrollers and Interfacing
HCT 3.2 Microwave Electronics and Measurements HCT 4.2 Microwave Electronics and Applications
  Soft Core (Any One)   Soft Core (Any One)
SCT 3.1 Modern Digital Communications SCT 4.1 Digital Signal Processing
SCT 3.2 Power and Industrial Electronics SCT 4.2 Data Structure Using C
  Open Elective (Any One)   Practical
OET 3.1 Communication and Digital Electronics HCP 4.1 Practical HCP 4.1
OET 3.2 EM Theory and Microwave Devices HCP 4.2 Practical HCP 4.2
  Practical   Soft Core (Any One)
HCP 3.1 Practical HCP 3.1 SCP 4.1 Practical SCP 4.1
HCP 3.2 Practical HCP 3.2 SCP 4.2 Practical SCP 4.2
  Soft Core (Any One)    
SCP 3.1 Practical SCP 3.1 HCMP 4.3 Major Project (72 Project Evaluation+48
SCP 3.2 Practical SCP 3.2    



S. No.Name / Phone No. / E-mailDesignationQualificationSpecialization
1 Dr. P.V. Hunagund
+91 8472 246944 (R), +91 9845272523 (Cell),
Professor  M.Sc. (Electronics), Ph.D. (uwave Electronics) Microwave Electronics, Microwave Instrumentation
2 Dr. R.L. Raibagkar
+91 8472 260464 (R), +91 9739302083 (Cell),
Professor & Chairman M.Sc., Ph.D Electronic ceramics, Materials Science, Materials Charecterization, & Instrumentaion
3 Dr. S.N. Mulgi
+91 8472 246446 (R), +91 9880972745 (Cell),
Professor M.Sc. (Electronics), M.Phil. (Electronics), Ph.D. (uwave Electronics) Microwave Electronics, Microwave Instrumentation
4 Dr. P.M. Hadalgi
+91 8472 248011 (R), +91 9845002606 (Cell),
Professor M.Sc. (Electronics), Ph.D. (uwave Electronics) Microwave Electronics, Microwave Instrumentation
5 Sri. D.L. Holkar
+91 8472 265026 (R), +91 9901176704 (Cell),
Asso.Prof M.Sc. (Electronics), M.Tech.(Ind.Ele.) Power Electronics, Digital Electronics


Thrust Area

Microwave Electronics, Wireless Communication, Electronic Instrumentation


Research Projects

On going
S. No.Title of the ProjectName of the Principle InvestigatorFunding AgencyDurationAmount sanctioned in Lakhs
1 FIST Porgram Dr. A.B. Kulkarni, Dr. P.V. Hungund DST, New Delhi 2004 - 2009 52.00
S. No.Title of the ProjectName of the Principle InvestigatorFunding AgencyDurationAmount sanctioned in Lakhs
1 Design and Development of Microstrip Antennas Dr. P.V. Hunagund GUG 1997 - 1998 00.10
2 Study of Microwave Materials for Antenna Applications Dr. Sara Fatima Farida AICTE, New-Delhi 1996 - 1998 05.50
3 Synthesis of Chiral Materials and Development of chirodomes, chiropatch antenna and arrays Dr. A.B. Kulkarni DRDO, New-Delhi 1997 - 2000 19.74
4 Effect of Metallic and Dielectric Flanges on slotted waveguide antennas Dr. P.V. Hunagund DST, New-Delhi 1998 - 2002 11.14
5 Design and Development of Fuzzy Logic Controllers for Process Control Applications Dr. A.B. Kulkarni AICTE, New-Delhi 1998 - 2001 05.50
6 FIST Porgram Dr. A.B. Kulkarni, Dr. P.V. Hungund DST, New Delhi 2004 - 2009 52.00


Research Publications / Books

1 International
2 National
3 Any others
4 Books


Research Guidance

1. Ph.D. - 22
2. M.Phil. - 52


Workshops / Seminars / Conferences Organized

1 UGC Sponsored Refresher Courses Conducted 05
2 Workshops for UG Teachers 02
3 Short Term Courses conducted for UG & PG Teachers in Collaboration with USIC & WRIC 02
4 National Conference on Electronics Materials Devices Circuits & Systems (NCEMDS - 99) 01


Facilities Available

Microwave Electronics Research Laboratory (MERL)

The Microwave Electronics Research Laboratory (MERL) is located in the Department of Applied Electronics, Gulbarga University, Gulbarga. The laboratory is used for teaching and research in Microwave Electronics.


A well established research and training Laboratory in Microwave Electronics and Antennas has been set up by Microwave group led by Prof. P.V. Hunagund in Department of Applied Electronics, Gulbarga University, Gulbarga under the Major Research Project sponsored from Department of Science & Technology (DST), New-Delhi. Moreover Dept. has been sanctioned FIST program from DST, New-Delhi .

Now the Laboratory is equipped with Vector Network Analyzer , X & Ku band microwave benches with most modern and sophisticated equipment like PC based Antenna radiation pattern measurement system. [STIC make, Cochin]. The Laboratory is having a low cost Microwave Anechoic Chamber for simulating free space environment for antenna and RCS measurements.

The department has procured user-friendly software for quick and precise antenna measurement and analysis. The major areas of research now being pursued are Slotted waveguide antennas, Corner Reflectors, Microstrip Antennas, Parabolic reflectors with dipole feed, Waveguide fed helical antennas, Dielectric leaky wave antennas, lens antennas, integrated circuits and antennas, microwave horn antennas, material characterization at microwave region and development of microprocessor and micro controller based antenna measurement systems etc.

Experimental Facilities

Microwave Research Laboratory, Microwave Electronics Laboratory, Microwave Design Laboratory, Fuzzy Logic Laboratory, Fiber Optic Communication, Microprocessor and Micro controller Laboratory, Circuits and Devices Laboratory. Vector Network Analyzer (R & S Make, Germany) [10MHz-40 GHz], PC Based Automatic Antenna Radiation Pattern Measurement System, STIC Positioner & Controller, Power Meter (Bonton Make), X-band & Ku-band Microwave benches, Ku-band Microwave benches, Gunn Sources, VSWR Meters, Arc Table for measurement of radiation pattern & RCS studies, Pentium IV and Pentium Pro computers loaded with different mathematical and data acquisition softwares.