Gulbarga University, Kalaburagi

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Vidyeye Amrutha

Translates as "Education is Nector"





Courses Offered

Course Intake Duration Eligibility
M.A. 35 + 6 (SSS) Four Semester (2 Years) BA with Psychology or B.Sc. with Zoology / Chemistry / Physics or any graduate who has studied Early Childhood Care and Education or B.Ed.
M.Phil. 01 per guide One year (Full time)
Two years (Part time)
MA Psy / M.P.Ed.
Ph.D. Maximum 6 per guide Minimum 3 years
Maximum 5 years
MA Psy / M.P.Ed.


Fee Structure: (See Fee Notification)


Course Outline (M.A.)

I Semester II Semester
  Hard Core   Hard Core
HC 1.1 Historical Perspectives of Psychology HC 2.1 Cognitive Psychology
HC 1.2 Physiological Psychology HC 2.2 Psychological Testing
HC 1.3 Research Methodology & Statistics HC 2.3 Experimental Psychology : Practical II
HC 1.4 Experimental Psychology : Practical I   Soft Core (Any Two)
  Soft Core (Any Two) SC 2.1 Theories of Learning
SC 1.1 Foundations of Social Behaviour SC 2.2 Theories of Personality
SC 1.2 Life Span Psychology SC 2.3 Environmental Psychology
SC 1.3 Indigenous Psychology   Open Elective (Any One)
    OE 2.1 Stress Management
    OE 2.2 Basic Psychology Processes
III Semester IV Semester
      Specialization 4.A Counseling Psychology
  Hard Core   Hard Core
HC 3.1 Psychopathology HC 4.1A Fundamentals of Counseling
HC 3.2 Health Psychology HC 4.2A Counseling Techniques
HC 3.3 Experimental Psychology Practical : III HC 4.3A Expermental Psychology Practical IV
  Soft Core (Any Two) HC 4.4A Project Internship and Field Studies
SC 3.1 Theories of Motivation   Soft Core (Any Two)
SC 3.2 Child Psychology SC 4.1A Areas of Counseling
SC 3.3 Community Psycholgy SC 4.2A Counseling In Different Settings
  Open Elective (Any One) SC 4.3A Counseling Assement
OE 3.1 Personality Development   Specialization 4.B Clinical Psychology
OE 3.2 Understanding Psychology   Hard Core
    HC 4.1B Foundations of Clinical Psychology
    HC 4.2B Clinical Assessment
    HC 4.3B Experimental Psychology (Practical IV)
    HC 4.4B Project Internship and Field Studies
      Soft Core (Any Two)
    SC 4.1B Fundamenals of Mental Health Education
    SC 4.2B Psychotherapy
    SC 4.3B Psychodiagnostics
      Specialization 4.C Industrial Psychology
      Hard Core
    HC 4.1C Organizational Behaviour
    HC 4.2C Human Resource Management
    HC 4.3C Experimental Psychology (Practical IV)
    HC 4.4C Project Internship and Fieldstudies
      Soft Core (Any Two)
    SC 4.1C Personal Psychology
    SC 4.2C Organizational Development
    SC 4.3C Marketing and Consumer Psychology



S. No. Name / Phone No. / E-mail Designation Qualification Specialization
1 Dr. S.P. Melkeri
+91 8472 246888 (R)
+91 9449906300 (Cell)
Professor & Chairman M.A., Ph.D. Counselling Psychology, Methodology, OB
2 Dr. Shivakumar Chengti
+91 8472 245213 (R)
+91 9986085144 (Cell)
Professor M.A., Ph.D. OB, Clinical Health and Social Psychology


Thrust Area

Social Change, Health Status, Sports performance


Research Publications / Books

1. International -
2. National - 20
3. Any others - Popular Articles: 15
4. Books -


Research Guidance

1. Ph.D. - 25
2. M.Phil. - 25


Workshops / Seminars / Conferences Organized

1. The Department has organised a two days workshop on Rural Development during 1992 - 93 under the auspices of Institute of Applied Social Sciences (IASS)
2. The Department has organised the National Conference of National Academy of Psychology (NAOP) during 1995-96
3. The Department has jointly organised the workshop on "Human Rights and Children's Code Bill" during the year 2001
4. The Department has also organised the 5th National Conference of "Indian Association of Mental Health" on 29th & 30th January, 2005
5. Organised Seminar on "Need of Counselling in Improving Quality of Higher Education" during 2007
6. Organised UGC Refresher Course for Psychology Teachers during 2008
7. Organised "Mental Health Awareness Program" during 2008


Facilities Available

Good Class- rooms, Computer, OHP etc.