Gulbarga University, Kalaburagi

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Vidyeye Amrutha

Translates as "Education is Nector"






The Department was opened  in the erstwhile post-graduate centre in 1970  when it was under Karnataka University, Dharwar. The renowned professors, like Prof.ST Kallapur.  Prof.T.R Rajasekharaiah  (Fulbright Scholar to US), Prof. G.S.Balarmam Gupta,  Prof Ujwala  Hiremath, Prof V.K.Guttal,  Prof Basavaraj  Naikar served here for then two decades. The department has so far produced 150 books and 200 articles, 50 M.Phils and 35 Ph.Ds.


Courses Offered

M.A.   in English (CBCS) 30+12 (SSS) 4 Semesters BA with Optional English/Basic English is also considered
M/Phil  (Non-Semester)

2+2 ( Each professor)=4

2 semesters

M.A. with 55% Through Entrance Examination

Ph.D.  (Non-Semester) 2+1 3 years for Full - time
3+1  years  Extension
4 years for Part-time
1 year extension
M.A. with 55% Through Entrance Examination/M. Phil/ NET/KSET   50% from direct exam and 50% from selection among M.Phil/NET/KSET   as per univ rules


Fee Structure: (See GUG Admission Notification)


Course Outline (M.Sc.)

I SemesterII Semester
  Hard Core   Hard Core
HC 1.1 British Literature-I HC 2.1 British Literature-II
HC 1.2 Indian English Literature-I HC 2.2 Critical Theory –I
HC 1.3 American Literatures-I HC 2.3 Indian English Literature-II
  Soft Core (Any Two)   Soft Core (Any Two)
SC 1.1 General Linguistics SC 2.1 American Literatures-II
SC 1.2 South Asian Literature SC 2.2 English Phonetics
SC 1.3 Translation Studies   Open Elective
SC 1.4 Indian  Diaspora OE 2.1 General English-I
III SemesterIV Semester
  Hard Core   Hard Core
HC 3.1 British Literature-III HC 4.1 British Literature-IV
HC 3.2 Critical  Theory-II HC 4.2 Critical Theory-III
HC 3.3 Post-Colonial Literatures HC 4.3 Project Work
  Soft Core (Any Two)   Soft Core (Any Two)
SC 3.1 English Language Teaching SC 4.1 Research Methodology
SC 3.2 Cultural Studies SC 4.2 World Literature
  Open Elective SC 4.3 Communicative English
OE 2.1 General English –II SC 4.4 Literature & Film Studies (Inter-Disciplinary)



S. No. Name / Phone No. / E-mail Designation Serivce Qualification Specialization
  Dr. Veeresh Rachappa Badiger (OBC)
+91 8472 263268 (O)
+91 7760393031(Cell)
Professor & Chairman 34 M. A., Ph. D.

British Literature Anglo-Indian Literature

1 Dr. Ramesh Rathod (SC)
+91 8472 263268 (O)
+91 9845366909 (Cell)
Professor  22 M. A., N E T., M. Phil. Ph. D. Indian English Literature E. L. T. and Phonetics
British Literature American Literature
2 Prof.  Ninganna (ST) Asst Professor   M.A. (KSET) Post-Colonial Literatures



British Literature, Indian Writing in English, Post-Colonial Literatures,  and  American Literatures.



1 International 05
2 National 20
3 Books 10
4 Articles 20


Research Guidance

1. Ph.D. - 02
2. M.Phil. - 10


Workshops / Seminars / Conferences Organized

1 National Seminar on "Non Fictional Prose in Indian English Literature" 1994-95
2 National Seminar on "Indian English Prose Writers" 1995-96
3 Workshop on "Communication Skills in English" funded by Gulbarga University, Gulbarga 20-21 July,07


Facilities Available

Computers, Internet, LCD, OHP etc.
Running a Bi-Annual Literary Journal - "Journal of Literatures in English" from January, 2008