Gulbarga University, Kalaburagi

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Vidyeye Amrutha

Translates as "Education is Nector"


The Syndicate

The syndicate shall consist of the following Members, namely:

The Syndicate shall hold at least eight meetings, during a year. The duration between two consecutive meetings shall not exceed eight weeks. The Vice-Chancellor may in case of urgency convene Special Meetings.

Chancellor or the State Government may by order direct to hold the meetings to discuss such terms of reference as may be specified by them and the Vice-Chancellor shall comply with such directions.



Powers of the Syndicate

  1. The syndicate shall have the power to manage the affairs of the University in particular to administer the funds and properties of the University.

  2. The syndicate shall consist of the following Members, namely: 
    • To manage and regulate the finances and all other administrative matters of the University and for the purpose to appoint such as it may deem necessary and proper.
    • To enter into, vary, carryout and cancel contracts on behalf of the University
    • The Director of Technical Education or his nominee not below the rank of a Joint Director.
    • To appoint, subject to the provisions of Section 34 examiners and moderators and if necessary to change or to remove them also to fix their fees, emoluments and traveling and other regulations:
    • To make arrangements for the conduct of examinations prescribed by the statues, ordinances or regulations.
    • To receive, acquire, hold, control and administer the properties of the University, both moveable and immovable and to invest the funds of the University Judiciously in appropriate schemes
    • To maintain proper accounts of the properties and funds of the University
    • To charge and collect fees for
      • Tuition and research
      • Admission to examinations and convocations
      • Such other services as the University may undertake
      • Affiliation and inspection of colleges; and
      • Such other purpose as may be prescribed by the Statutes.
        • to prepare the financial estimate of the University and to submit the same to the Academic Conical.
        • to administer and control the colleges, hostels, libraries, laboratories, museums and other institutions established or maintained by the University
        • to make recommendations regarding admission of colleges to affiliation
        • to recognize hostels not administered by the University and to suspend or withdraw such recognition
        • to regulate supervise and control the residence and discipline of the students of the University within the campus and its annexes and to promote their health and well being
        • To constitute and regulate the working of the Employment Bureau and the bureau of Information
        • To delegate such of its functions to the Vice-Chancellor as may be prescribed by the Statutes.
        • To select a common seal for the University and to provide for its custody and use.
        • To arrange for the conduct of litigation by or against the University.
        • To institute Professorship, Lectureship or any other posts of teachers required by the University on the recommendation of the Academic council.
        • To institute fellowships, traveling fellowships, scholarships, studentships, exhibitions, medals and prizes on the recommendation of the Academic Council.
        • To confer honorary degrees, titles or other academic distinctions on the recommendations of the Academic Council.
        • To enact, amend or repeal Statutes
        • To confer the title of Professor Emeritus on the recommendation of the Academic Council.
        • To make Statutes for creation of posts.
        • To exercise such other powers and perform such other duties as may be conferred or imposed upon it by this act, Statutes, Ordinances or Regulations.

  3. Nothing contained in sub-section (2) shall be deemed to confer on the Syndicate, the power to revise the Pay scales of any of the employees or to grant any allowances or emoluments to them.



Syndicate Members

1. 28(a) The Vice-Chancellor,
Gulbarga University, Gulbarga.
Ph.No. 08472 -263200, 263201
Chairman 2. 28(b) The Commissioner for Collegiate Education, Technical Education Building, Palace Road, Bangalore-560 001.
or Nominee
Joint Director of Collegiate Education, Gulbarga


3. 28(c) The Director of Technical Education,
Palace Road, Bangalore-560 001


4. 28(d) Prof. Devidas Maley,
Dean, Faculty of Law,
Dept. of Law.
Gulbarga University, Kalaburagi
Mobile: 9845737713
5. 28(e) Sri. Chandrashekar Nitture
# MIG 26(Old)KHB Colony
Cell : 9844407000, Ph : 0848-2220649
From 24.04.2017 to 23.04.2020


6. 28(e) Sri. Vijaya Bhaskar
H.No. 6-2-139/200,
Near Markandayya Temple, Maniknagar,
Cell : 9886588772
rom 24.04.2017 to 23.04.2020


The Director of Medical Education
Anand Rao Circle,


8. Joint Director 
CDC Director, Gulbarga


9. 28(f)



10. 28(f)


11. 28(f)



12. 28(f)


13. 28(G) Sri Eshwar Ingan No 204 CIB Colony Behind Central Bus Stand Gulbarga


14. 28(G) Sri. Saibanna S/o Bhaganna Yadgiri Towan , Dist. Yadgiri Member
15. 28(G) Sri. Mohammad Wahid Ali, Ghathekvani, No. S-816, Roza(K), Gulbarga


16. 28(G) Smt. Akkamahadevi Raviraj, Devadurg, Dist. Raichur


17. 28(G) Sri. Sangangouda Police Patil, Jewargi, Dist. Gulbarga


18. 28(G) Sri. Narayanrao Kalle, Kalle Layout (Mahalaxmi Layout), Homegards , Opp. Station, Gulbarga-3 Member
19. 28(h) Dr. A. Venkataraman
Dept. of Chemistry
Gulbarga University, Kalaburagi
+91 8472 245995 (R)
+91 9880801017 (Cell) 
Member 20. 28(j) The Asst. Commissioner for Public Instruction,
21. 28(k) The Director of Pre-University Education, Malleshwaram Circle Bangalore -560 001. Member 22. Sri. S.M.Salunke
Deputy Director
PUE Department, Vikas Bhavan
Room.No.5, Mini Vidhan Soudha,
23. The Registrar (Evaluation), Gulbarga University, Gulbarga - 585 105.
Ph.No. 08472 – 263203
Member 24. The Registrar
Gulbarga University, Gulbarga - 585105.
Ph.No. 08472 – 263202
Member- Secretary,
25. The Finance Officer, Gulbarga University, Gulbarga - 585 105.
Ph.No. 08472 – 263204
Permanent invitee 26. Deputy Director of  
Pre University of Education
Dept. at the regional Officer,
Mini Vidhan Soudha, 
27. The Principal Secretary
Education Department 
Govt. of Karnataka,
5th Floor, M.S.Building, 
Dr.Ambedkar Veedhi, Banaglore-560001.
   28. The Principal Secretary to Governor,
Education Department, (University)
Raj Bhavan, Banaglore-56