Gulbarga University, Kalaburagi

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Vidyeye Amrutha

Translates as "Education is Nector"


The Academic Council

1. The Academic Council shall consist of the following members, namely:

Provided that no person who is in the employment of an affiliated college or in the University in whatever capacity shall be eligible for nomination.

2. The Academic Council shall meet at-least four times during an academic year, however that the duration between two Consecutive meetings shall not exceed three months.


Powers of the Academic Council

1. The Academic Council shall be the Academic body the University and shall subject to the provisions of this Act, the Statutes, Ordinances and Regulations, have the control and general regulation of, and be responsible for the maintenance of, the standards of instruction, education and examination on the University

2. Without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing and subject to such conditions as may be specified by or under the provisions of this Act, the Academic Council shall exercise the following powers, namely:


The List of Academic Council Members

Sec30(1)(i) The Vice-Chancellor, Chairman, Gulbarga University, Gulbarga. Chairman
Sec30(1)(ii) The Commissioner for Collegiate Education, Sheshadri Road, Bangalore-560 001. Member
Sec30(1)(iii) The Director of Technical Education, Palace Road, Bangalore-560 001. Member
Sec.30(1)(iv).one member of the Karnataka Legislative Assembly in respect of each district falling within the University Area, nominated by the speaker,Karnataka Legislative Assembly:-  
Sec.30(1)(v) Two members of the Karnataka Legislative Council nominated by the Chairman, Karnataka Legislative Council:-  
1 Sri. B.G.Patil, Member of Legislative Council, Karnataka, No. 1-278/10A, Veerangall Building, Vivekananda Nagar, Khooba Plot, Kalaburagi-585103 Member
2 Sri. N.S.Bose Raju, Member of Legislative Council, Karnataka, L-214, Nijalingappa Colony, Raichuru - 584101. Member
Sec.30(1)(vi) Ten Principals of affiliated Colleges nominated by the Vice-Chancellor for a term of two years by rotation in the order of seniority:-  
1   Member
2   Member
3   Member
4   Member
5   Member
6   Member
7   Member
8   Member
9   Member
Sec.30(1) (vii)Three Eminent Persons representing Industry Commerce, Banking or any other profession nominated by the State Govt. for a term not exceeding three years:-  
1 Smt.Rani Chennamma Halse Veerabhadrappa, IPS (Retd.)\ H.No. 1-867/15, Station Bazar Venkatesh Nagar, Kalaburagi-585102. Mobile: 8123138390, Phone: 08472-234023 From: 18.02.2015 Member
2 Sri.Satish Allolli, Shanti Dhama, Badepur Colony, Sedam. Mobile: 9845202055 From 18.02.2015 Member
3 Sri.George Fernandes, H.No.8-6-388/1, Elizabeth Nivas, K.H.B Colony, Bidar. Mobile: 9686530777, From: 18.02.2015 Member
Sec.30(1)(viii)Five Professors of the Department of the University nominated by the Vice-Chancellor by rotation in the order of Seniority each for a term of two years:-  
1 Dr.M.B.Halli, Professor, Department of Chemistry, Gulbarga University, Kalaburagi (24.01.2018 to 23.01.2020) Member
2 Dr.Basavaraj Sulikeri Math, Professor, Department of Commerce, Gulbarga University, Kalaburagi (24.01.2018 to 23.01.2020) Member
3 Dr.C.Sulochana, Professor, Department of Mathematics, Gulbarga University, Kalaburagi (24.01.2018 to 23.01.2020) Member
4 Dr.Parvathi C.S., Professor, Department of Electronics & Instrumentation Technology, P.G.Centre Raichur(24.01.2018 to 23.01.2020)  Member
5   Member
Sec.30(1)(ix)Five Deans of the Faculties nominated by the Vice-Chancellor by rotation in the order of Seniority each for a term of two years:-  
1 Prof. A. Venkataraman, The Dean, Faculty of Science & Technology, Gulbarga University, Kalaburagi (12.09.2017 to 30.04.2018) Member
2 Prof. Surekha Ksherasagar, Professor, Department of Education, Gulbarga University, Kalaburagi (04.12.2017) Member
3   Member
4 Prof. Vijaya Telang , The Dean, Faculty of  Arts, Gulbarga University, Kalaburagi (04.12.2015 to 3.12.2017) Member
Sec.30(1)(x)Six Students nominated by the Vice-Chancellor for a period of two years.  
Sec.30(1)(xi)Six persons nominated by the State Govt.  
1 Sri.Nagesh M.Kolli, Chincholi-585301, Taluk:Afzalpur, Dist.Gulbarga, Mobile: 9880672955 From: 18.02.2015 Member
2 Sri.Mahesh T Rangadal, C/o. Aneja Cody Point, Putane Galli, Cloth Bazaar, Opp. Old Devanad, Gulbarga. Mobile: 9243227988 From: 18.02.2015 Member
3 Dr.Razak Ustaad, H.No.1-9-88/1,Behid Priya Hotel, Azad Nagar, Raichur-584101, Mobile:9886209046, From:18.02.2015 Member
4 Smt.Shobha S. Patil, Advocate, C/o. Qqtr. No.C/28/B L.N.Nagar, Malaprabha Marga, Vasavadatta Cement, Sedam 585222. Mobile: 9741393492 From: 18.02.2015 Member
5 Sri.Yankappa Omkar, Hode Biranahlli, Chincholi Taluk Dist.Gulbarga Mobile:9845621599 From: 18.02.2015. Member
6 Sri.Venkatesh Patel, H.No.1-10-67, Y.A.S Patel Compound Azad Nagar, Raichur 584101. Mobile;9448132152 From:18.02.2015. Member
Sec.30(1)(xii) Dr.M.T.Kattimani (I/C), The Librarian, Gulbarga University,Gulbarga. Mobile:9844226604 Member
Sec.30(1)(xiii) The Director of Students Welfare, Gulbarga University, Gulbarga. Member
Sec.30(1)(xiv) The Director of Planning Monitoring & Evaluation Board. Gulbarga University,Gulbarga. Member
Sec.30(1)(xv) The Director of College Development CouncilGulbarga University, Gulbarga. Member
Sec.30(1)(xvi) Dr.M.S.Pasodi (I/C), The Director of  Physical Education, Gulbarga University, Gulbarga Member
Sec.30(1)(xvii) Prof. D. M. Madari, The Registrar (Evaluation), Gulbarga University, Gulbarga. Member
Sec.19(3) Dr. Rajnalkar Laxman, The Finance Officer, Gulbarga University,Gulbarga. Member
Sec.30(1)(xviii) Prof. Dayanand Agsar, The Registrar, Gulbarga University, Gulbarga. Member - Secretary